Bee Flower of the week – Goldenrod

 In food-forests

Goldenrods beautiful bee food, habitat, and edible flower.

Goldenrod Bee Flower

Goldenrod Bee Flower

It was a chilly fall day, just before sunrise near the south of the Kludahk trail in Port Renfrew. We had been camping on Crown land and awoke int he morning to find dozens of bees chilling in the Goldenrods. The young leaves of the goldenrod are edible and Native Americans used some seeds of the Goldenrods for food, as well as herbal teas. Goldenrods are attractive sources of nectar for bees, flies, wasps, and butterflies. In some  places Goldenrods are considered a sign of good luck or good fortune. It seems hard to find Goldenrod seeds online; So, a secret between you and me -My favorite place to find Goldenrod seeds in the fall is the Salt Spring Island Conservancy property on Blackburn lake.


Video of Bees on the Goldenrod

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