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Transplanting Apple Trees into the Nursery

When Transplanting Apples into the Nursery

Mycorrhizae are fungi that establish a graceful, symbiotic relationship with the roots of most plants. Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the plant’s root system and develop a symbiotic association called “mycorrhiza” They form a network of fine filaments that associate with plant roots and draw nutrients and water from the soil.

We now know that 90% of all land plants and probably more, form these relationships. Mycorrhizae directly influence plant nutrition, community structure and nutrient cycling. The fungus receives sugars from the plant and in exchange the plant receives certain nutrients, water and protection against pathogens.

At our orchard and food forest projects we use MycroGrow designed by Paul Stamets and distributed by his company Fungi.com MycoGrow™ Soluble contains 19 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizal fungi, a select blend of beneficial bacteria, 2 disease suppression organisms along with soluble kelp, humic acids and vitamin B1

Benefits of Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae on the roots of apple trees

Mycorrhizae on the roots of apple trees

The expected benefits of Mycorrhize include

  • Enhanced water and nutrient uptake.
  • Reduction of irrigation requirements.
  • Reduction need for fertilizer.
  • Increased drought resistance.
  • Increased pathogen resistance.
  • Increased plant health and stress tolerance.
  • Higher transplanting success.

How to use Mycorrhizae

To use sprinkle a level scoop of Mycorrhizae directly on the roots of the 3 plants when transplanting.


Order Mycorrhizae online from Paul Stamets Fungi.com

MYCOGROW back of package

MYCOGROW back of package

MYCOGROW from www.Fungi.com

MYCOGROW from www.Fungi.com

Apple Tree starts ready for the nursery

Apple Tree starts ready for the nursery

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