Materials List:

1. Compost / Composted Manure

2. Wood Chip Mulch for pathways

3. Organic Amendments (Fertilizers and Inoculants)
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  1. Compost or Composted Manure

Composted Manure / Compost

Compost Choice #1 – Local Composted Manure

Call Mark Hughes. 250 653 4922.
Last Quoted $720+tax for 12 Yards delivered on 06/12/21

Compost Choice #2: – Vancouver Island Compost from Dairy Cows

Choice #2: Stan Hope (Farm to Garden)
778 426 4626
Quoted $1580 for 24 Yards delivered including tax. ($65.80/ yard)

Compost Choice #3 – Earth Bank compost from Fish and Wood Waste

$2100 for 20 Yards delivered.

Trucking can be provided by Key Pawn Trucking


Other Local sources of manure and compost on SSI

  • Sacred Mountain Lavender
  • Ruckle Park Farm
  • Foxglove Farm Supply
  • Therapeutic Riding Association
  • North End Farm
  • Local Horse / Sheep / Alpaca farms


Wood Chip Mulch


For small gardens on Salt Spring Island, order wood chip much from here:

Foxglove Farm Supply – Chicken Bark Mulch

Forsyth farms gravel mart – Alder Chip Mulch


For larger orchard and landscape installations, this is a bulk supplier:

Alder Chips / Shavings / and Sawdust available at the Paulcan Jemico Planing mill:

Call Gary Mander for the largest bulk deliveries.  1 250 744 7127
22 Yard Truck and 50 Yard Truck Available.
$45/yard for Alder Chips ~$700 plus delivery


If you have lots of dead alder / maple and fir on site, consider Wood Chipping services.
Cam Proudfoot at Salish Solutions.


Straw/ Canary / Hay Grass Mulch

Mark Hughes.
250 653 4922.

Brian Cunningham:
(250) 537-2118

Sarah Fraser
25 537 6960


If you need help with your garden or orchard project, contact us

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