Our Guide to selecting organic fertilizers

We are located in the Gulf Islands, Canada. These are the organic fertilizers and amendments we use in our gardens. We typically do a group order in the early spring. We order directly from Terralink and get it delivered from Vancouver to our island. Prices are for 2022, not including shipping. Hopefully, this is helpful for new gardeners.

For planting fruit trees, shrubs, and perennials I use:

  1. Fish Bone Meal

For my gardens, I order these ammendments:

  1. Mixed Organic Fertilizer,
  2. Limestone,
  3. Trace mineral amendment

For planting trees & perennials, select fish bone meal

Fish Bone Meal 


50 lb bag $70.10 +GST

For the garden, choose a Mixed Organic Fertilizer 

Biofert 6-2-7


55lb bag $63.80 + GST

and a Lime:
A) Calpril 36% Calcium


50lb bag $19.40 +GST

B) Dolomite – No OMRI Certification


50lb $14.50 + GST

For healthier plants select a trace mineral amendment:

Kelp Meal 


25kg $103.40 + GST


20kg $59.65 +GST

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