Shooting Stars ignite the sky

Shooting Stars ignite up the night sky

I had a beautiful dream. In this dream I love camping in beautiful places across the West Coast of Canada. I am accompanied by two magical creatures, wild ethereal wisps; divine feminine creatures with footsteps that plant clover and wildflowers. As we traveled together, barren campsites turned overnight into beautiful orchards filled with life; brimming with blueberries, raspberries and filled with native wildflowers. Giving a pure expression of the love in our soul through our art. We make a contribution to nature and the community with no expectation of return or feelings of ownership.

I always loved Guerrilla Gardening. Ever since I was in school in Ottawa, Ontario I used to forage for elusive black raspberries and plant apple trees in the yards of the slumlord apartment buildings. I have always loved playing with nature to grow food and create beautiful art pieces that are filled with bees and butterflies. I woke up from this dream with with a smile on my face. Blueberry Bandits. And so I started my journey of learning as much as I can about creating and maintaining permaculture orchards.

This dream was roughly a year after a magical experience I had that  changed me deeply. I walked down to a sacred beach on the Tsawout reserve, on Salt Spring Island BC. It was about 2 am in the morning after a wonderful night of music with friends at Beaver Point Hall. I had a borrowed blanked with white stripes that reflected the dappled moonlight. I remember walking along the rocky trail, in the dark ,with no flashlight emerging through the cedar trees onto a white shell beach. As I brushed my hands through the water, I watched the ocean light up with Phosphorescence so bright it shined like the stars in night sky. I climbed along the rocks to the next beach and there was two baby sea otters playing in the phosphorescence, cooing softly as the sky lit up with shooting stars.

Lying on the white shell beach listening to baby otters playing the phosphorescence I breathed deeply… As I watched the stars go by I asked why. Why do the stars have to die to ignite up the sky. Then I felt a light, light up inside. “Our death is as your rebirth is. With Purpose. Enjoy the moment.  You’re worth it, and you deserve it.”

Goldenrod Bee Flower

Goldenrod Bee Flower

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