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  • We build your digital presence with a Referral Website, Google AdWords, and Social Media

  • We create amazing content to tell your story with your pictures, expert advice and references

  • We help you to get found by hundreds of new customers who like you, trust you and buy from you.

Does your website put your best foot forward? Does it clearly communicate why a new customer should do business with you rather than any other company? Does your website show off your best work with a great portfolio full of pictures? Does it do a good job of using reviews to show new customers why they should trust you, like you and buy from you?

We build SEO and Google AdWords campaigns that help you step in front of customers right when they are looking to buy. We do all the work make sure you show up online for the right keywords – The words customers are searching for when they think of your product & services.  We tell compelling stories on your blog that help position you as the most trusted advisor in your industry. We build great content that answers customers most important questions. We build long term branded assets that attract new customers and grow your company. It works. We’ve been ranking websites on the first page of google for over 10 years for roofers, electricians, interlock & paving contractors, snow plowing companies, chiropractors, dentists, local farmers, artists and more! Everybody has their chocolate. That thing that gives them a sense of fulfillment; my chocolate is making local business owners phones ring. I love seeing the impact when I send an extra $10,000 to $100,000 a month to friend by flooding their phone with dozens of phone calls from new customers. I’ve had the pleasure of delivering over six thousand (6000) phone calls to local businesses in the last three years.

  • "My main concern before signing up with Local Trades Search was getting a presence online. Before I signed up I didn't have an online presence and I didn't have any website or anything like that. With local trades search they've done up a professional website. I'm in the top 2 pages for both payroll and tax services and I've got plenty of calls for people looking for these services. I feel like I've got people behind me helping me to grow our business. What I like most about working with Local Trade Search is working with Nigel. He's been excellent working with us and he's there for you. If you've got questions you can call and get them answered. Being able to speak with someone one on one is really important for us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking to get an online presence and looking grow your business. It's great to feel like you have a backing behind you to help you grow your business.

    Marco Disalvo Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax
  • Hi there I'm Matt Seguin director of operations for A1 mini storage. Often times when you get into these services, one of two things happens. One the cost per lead becomes extremely expensive or two, the cost is quite manageable but the quality of leads coming through or the amount of leads coming through makes the whole program quite futile. When we ended up signing up with Nigel we saw that none of our concerns with lead generation actually happened. One thing that Nigel was able to do was able to was increase our occupancy here. I would definitely recommend his services; you get high quality leads, you get a good amount of leads, and the cost of which is really manageable.

    Matt Seguin A1 Mini Storage
  • Hi I'm Martin from Lamarche Electric and I'm an estimator. I would recommend Nigel's web design services to any business. They have a very friendly staff and are very easy to work with. Nigel gives you a great opportunity to find work in your area. They send all the client info by email. You just have to reach out to the client and get the work

    Martin Lamarche Electric
  • Ok my name is Hyatt Saikan and I'm a Rolfer (Structural therapist). I think what I got from participating with them was a very good website, and in some ways a better understanding of my marketing and who my customers were. Local Trades Search can get people who are looking for you, to call you. In that regards I think they did a really good job and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Hyatt Saikan Structural Therapy Centre
  • "We were very pleased with what Nigel brought to the company. His expertise with respect to SEO and web analytics helped us fine tune our targeted search terms and improve our ranking within a very short period of time. This has definitely had a positive impact on lead generation.  

    Rob Lee Pleora Technologies
  • "When I started using their marketing services I got more calls and that's how I got more contracts. I never thought a small cleaning business like mine in big Ottawa could land contracts like Banana Republic, Gap, Baby Gap, and Old Navy. Out of all the cleaning companies at their disposal they chose me."  

    Yves M, Ottawa Ottawa Commercial Cleaning
  • "I have been using your lead generation services this year, and I must commend you for your work. I have found your services to be proficient and professional. I look forward to continuing to build upon our business relationship. "  

    Alex C, Ottawa
  • The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.
    Masanobu Fukuoka
  • Nigel is the guy to talk to if you need a slick website for your business!

    Simon Harris Hope Hill Farms

Web Design

Google AdWords

Search Engine Optimization

Are you currently spending at least $1000/mo on Yellow Pages, Google AdWords or SEO? Are you confident that you are spending your money wisely? Are you aware of how much it costs to acquire a client through digital marketing? When customers are searching for your most profitable products and services, can you be found?

If you want peace of mind when it comes to your website and digital marketing, consider putting Nigel Kay on retainer. He can save you money by attracting more new customers for less than what you’re currently spending per client.

Let us have a look at your Google Analytics or AdWords account and show you exactly what pages and keywords you’re making the most money on

Ask our clients how we’ve impacted their business. When you work with us, you get a custom website with your reviews and your portfolio. We do all the work managing the website, hosting, SEO, and Google AdWords. You get the results.

I’m looking for five new business owners in 2017 to build a long term relationship with; Someone who is looking to grow their business and attract more new clients. Someone who is able to handle an extra fifteen to forty (15-40) calls from new customers every month. I’m looking for someone who wants a Google AdWords certified Web Master with over 10 years experience on their team. Contact me

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