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Degraded or Rocky site with No soil?

Bulk Soil can be purchased from Cinnabar Valley Farms – a Garden soil mix of Peat, Sand Compost

On SSI, soil can be purchased via Steffich Transport, Forsyth Farm, or Foxglove Farm Supply

Cheap Haybales as edges or “haybale potatoes” can turn into soil quickly

Most Purchased soil is heat treated. It`s Weed Free, and also dead.

To bring it back to life Add Compost or Composted manure

Consider Mycorhizzae fungi when planting – Root Rescue Brand via Organic Gardeners Pantry

Soil Tests for Minerals, Organic Matter, PH: via mblabs. Western soil sample submission form (printable pdf)

Low Calcium (<2200 PPM) Add Ag Lime

Low Magnesium add Dolomite

Low Organic Matter, Add compost / composted manure, minerals, and

Low Sulfur add Gypsum or Epsom salt

Low Phosphorus add Rock Phosphate and Fish

Low Nitrogen – Cover Crop with Legume. Add Feather or blood meal

Low Boron add Kelp

Nursery Soil Mix for Trees / High Value Crops

Fish and Wood Waste Compost – Sea Soil / Earthbank or Chicken Bark Mulch

Composted Dairy Manure – Sunset Farm, Mark Hughes, Maple Bay Organic (Key Pawn Trucking)

Alder Sawdust – 50 Yards. Paulcam Jemico mill . Mander Trucking

Calcium Carbonate via Ag Lime (Terralink), Dolomite, and Gypsum

Calcium Carbonate via Limestone or Marble Dust

Rock Phosphate (Terralink)

Mixed Organic Fertilizer – Organic Premium 7-2-4 (Terralink)

Kelp Meal (Acadian Kelp)

Dip Roots in Mycorrhizae Fungi when transplanting – Root Rescue (Organic Gardeners Pantry)

Consider Biological Inoculant Via compost tea – Johnson Su Bioreactor / Worm Tea /

Feed with Liquid Fish Fertilizer – Fish Hydrolysate (OG Pantry)

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