Orchard Installation Materials List:

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Here’s a materials list for the new orchard installation.

  • myco fungi innoculant
  • Fertilizers
  • Tree Tubes
  • Irrigation

This order will cover about 40 trees, assuming an application rate of 1 cup per tree.


Mycorrhizal Fungi  – Small (45 Grams)

1 teaspoon applied to roots at time of planting will inoculate tree with beneficials.

$20 + $10 shipping. 30 Total


Add dolomite lime and rock phosphate in the hole. topdress everything else.

Fish Bone Meal BF07602013 – 1 Bag

Acadian Kelp Meal, Granular TL03008080 – 1 Bag

Dolomite TL07800420 – 2 Bags. 

Organic Blend 6-2-7  BF07604303- 1 Bag

Rock Phosphate. BF07603773 – 1 Bag

Estimate CAD $387.30 for fertilizers

** Call in and order before picking up to make sure they have the products on site.

Terralink Horticulture – Delta. 

4119 40 St, Delta, BC, CA

(604) 946-8338

Tree Tubes to protect trees from Deer

6 ft Plantra┬« SunFlex ‘O’ Style Tree Shelter

Got Deer? No Problem! Unless you’re fully deer fenced, we recommend 6 foot tall (58″) SunFlex (closed sided), vented deer tubes for grafted and seedling trees. These shelters are made with the optimum diameter for best growth and health of the trees. Aside from the growth benefits, these shelters prevent deer from browsing on the tops. Support them with a 6 foot wood, bamboo or 1/2″ rebar stake. https://www.grimonut.com/index.php?p=Products&category=plantra-tree-shelters

6ft Plantra Tree Tubes 50 Units $310. Shipping & $115.
The total for 50 Tree tubes, including shipping is $445.64 as of November 2023.


Canary Grass Bales – 1-3″ Shaken around tree. 1 Bale per 5 Trees.

2-3″ of Wood Chips/Shavings.
About 1 Yard per 10 trees.

Mulch Supplier options located on Saltspring.

1. Pick up Canary Grass Bales from Windsor Farm $9/Bale

210 Hamilton Horne Way, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1V5

2. Large orders of canary grass mulch can be delivered by Mark Hughes. 250 653 4922
About $10/Bale depending on Quantity

3. Chips from Forsyth Farms Gravel Mart.

4. Consider ordering a bulk load of wood shavings for larger projects.

50 Yards fir shavings can be ordered from:

Mander Trucking

+1 (250) 744-7127

Last quoted $860 in 2023 for 50 yards including delivery. Cash

Irrigation – guide coming soon*

From Hose tap: Timer, filter, 25 psi pressure reducer, fht x 1/2″ insert – spinlock preferred, 1/2″ hose clamp, 1/2″ main line.

for each tree 5ft of 1/4″ dripline, and one 1/4″ goof plugs and 1/4″ insert.

/ the end of materials list

Once you have your trees, fungi, fertilizers, and tree tubes on site you are ready to install the orchard.



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