Thank you to all my mentors and guides

I appreciate the many mentors and people who have helped guide my journey, inspire me, and share their knowledge and wisdom. Backward and forwards I am being blessed.

My Intention is to share a list of people who are involved in Permaculture, Agroforestry, and Regenerative Farming. These are the thought leaders and pioneers who have valuable knowledge on how to regenerate the land and restore life on earth.

In Canada 

Moe Wendt

Jane Squier

Brandon Bauer

Linda Gilkeson

Stefan Sobkowiak

Canadian Permaculture Legacy

USA and International 

Justin Rodes

Akiva Silver

Richard Perkins

Wade Bauer

Sean from Edible Acres

Pete from Green Dreams

Akiva Silver

Geoff Lawton

Coconut Chris

Mango StuHeart


Jeff Sorenson

Adam Crowe


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