For a Forest Garden Installation, you will need the following materials.

1. Mulch as Wood Chips, Wood shavings, or Straw

2. Compost / Composted Manure

3. Amendments; Bone Meal, Mychorrizae Fungi, Fish Fertilizer

Wood Chip Mulch

Delivery of Bulk Fir Wood Chips.  50 Yards from Mander Trucking

Wood Chipping services. Cam Proudfoot at Salish Solutions.

Straw/ Canary Grass Mulch

Mark Hughes

Colin Byron

Manure / Compost

Earth Bank Compost

North End Farm

Sacred Mountain Lavender

Ruckle Park Farm


Fish Bone Meal @ Foxglove Farm and Frasers Thimble Farms.

Mychorrizae Fungi at Fungi Perfecti

Mychorrizae or BioCoat Gold


Kama Sickle for maintenance on amazon at

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