Best Heirloom and Organic Seed Companies

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Where to Buy Heirloom, Non GMO open pollinated seeds?

Are you looking to buy Organic Heirloom seeds for your food forest project?

These are my favorite seed companies and nurseries to get rare heirloom and organic seeds. Now updated with seed recommendations!

Baker Creed (Rare Seeds)

Baker Creek is one of the best places to buy heirloom garden seeds online. With rare flowers and herb, Baker Creek offers non GMO open pollinated seeds. Our recommended picks to order from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds to add to your Food Forest as perennials are Bee Balm, Self Heal , and Hyssop



West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds LogoWest Coast Seeds offers untreated seeds of organic growing. This includes hundreds of non GMO vegetable, flower and herb seeds for organic growing and sustainable farming. Our recommended picks from West Coast seeds to add to your food forest are butterfly blend, Organic Chives, and borage.



Aster Lane Edibles

Telsing Andrews of Aster Lane Edibles is an amazing plant breeder of rare perennial edibles. Perfect for Permaculture installations, Forest Gardens. Great choices of Shade and drought tolerant Vegetables as well as Beneficial Companion Plants for pollinators. Find Forgotten Vegetables at Aster Lane Edibles. Aster Lane Edibles has some amazing perennials for Food Forests. Our recommended picks to order for your food forest include Blue Chives , Good King Henry, Turkish Rocket, and Hablitzia – the ancient perennial climbing cave spinach.


Salt Spring Seeds

Salt Spring Seeds offers heritage and heirloom seeds for organic gardeners grown in my home town of Salt Spring Island BC. Dan Jason is a plant breeder and author committed to empowering people to grow their own food and save their own seed. Our recommended picks from Salt Spring Seeds for your food forest are Lemon Balm, Salvia Nemerosa and Yarrow.




Johnnys Seeds

Johnnys seeds serves small specialty growers and offers a variety of superior seed for vegetables, herbs and flower seeds. Johnnys has a large selection of certified organic seed. They’ve got a great selection of seeds but shipping tends to be a bit expensive to Canada, so check with other seed suppliers first. Our recommended picks from Johnnys seeds include greek oregano, Thyme, Marjoram and Fennel


Eagleridge Seeds

Eagleridge Seeds provides endangered heirloom seeds organically grown on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Marsha Goldberg is a founding director of the Salt Spring Sanctuary society and provides her clients with great advice, and quality organic seeds. Our perennial food forest pick from Eagleridge is the Burnet Saxifraga,  Arnica Montana, and the CK Blue Lupin.



Gretas Organic Seeds

Gretas organic gardens provides a great selection of certified organic, open pollinated seeds. Greta offers many old fashioned varieties and preserves rare vegetable heritage. A hidden gem I found while in Ottawa, Ontario. Our recommended picks for your food forest from Greta’s organic seeds are Dill Dukat , Asparagus Mary Washington, and Valerian.






Adaptive Seeds

Adaptive Seeds provides pacific northwest grown, open pollinated, and organic seed. Their catalog is full of robust, productive varieties as well as rare adaptive gems. Grown in Oregon, US their seed is a great fit for organic Canadian gardens. Our recommended picks from Adaptive Seeds for your perennial edible paradise are Echinacea, Lovage, and Sorrel.



Best Organic Heirloom Seed Suppliers

Leave your comment below: What is your favorite seed company for organic or rare, heirloom seeds? Comment below and share this post to win a free seed pack!

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