A Few Pearls of Wisdom from the Orchard Restoration Workshop

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Our goal when restoring old fruit trees is to let sunlight and airflow into the tree.

This will improve the fruit & reduce diseases such as scab.

First, Prune off Dead, Diseased, and Damaged limbs.

Prune waterspouts & Suckers; these are branches headed straight up.

Prune Root Suckers, shoots springing from the roots of the tree, common on Italian prune plums.

Next, start to focus on Structure, Sunlight, and Airflow.  

Prune congested branches headed inward toward the centre of the tree.

Prune crossing or rubbing branches.

Prune branches headed straight down.

Summer prune additional suckers & waterspouts

For old trees with water trapped in tree trunks, consider drilling holes to drain water.

Consider Mineral Nutrition & Soil Health

All fruit-bearing trees can benefit from adding a few cups of lime, such as dolomite or dolopril

Young trees benefit from a heavy mulch of wood chips or canary grass, and compost.

Interested in helping to restore the Orchard at the Farmers Institute?

Volunteer work days are Tuesdays 8:30-12:30

Need help with pruning your old trees?  

Call Nigel at 403 827 1424 or email info@nigelkay.ca

Nigel Kay
I grow food, plant trees, maintain orchards, and design ecosystems that help families become healthier and happier.
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