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Our Services:

Ecological Restoration

Are you looking to bring your land back to life? Ask us about ecological restoration. Planting wildlife gardens, native plants, and pollinator-friendly gardens is easy and rewarding.

Garden & Orchard Installation

Are you looking to grow food, but don’t have a garden? We build new gardens that are ready to plant. Ask us about our edible landscape design, and installation services.

Consulting & Design

Do you need advice on how to get started growing your own food? Do you need a hand selecting the right varieties of trees, ordering the best materials, or finding trusted local contractors for your project? We can help.

Award Winning Food

Learn the simple secrets to growing delicious, nutrient-dense food using organic and regenerative farming systems. We grow Award Winning Food.

Irrigation Services

Want to save hours of work and reduce the amount of water needed to grow food?Use drip irrigation. Ask us about our irrigation design, installation, and maintenance services

Permaculture Plants

From sweet Desert King Figs, Frost Peaches, Everbearing Mulberries, and Red Flesh Apples, to Hazelnuts, and Heart nuts – we help you find the best cultivars for your property.

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