White Currants, Sweet Delightful Orbs of Light & Love.

White Currants are a favorite because they are sweeter than the red and black native varieties. The birds don’t seem to see the white currants, so they don’t need any netting. They are pest free, hardy, and delicious. White Currant Varieties include Primus and Albatross.

White currants grow into small bushes. They are planted just outside the drip line of fruit trees as companion plants in part of a forest gardens’ “permaculture guild”. The sweet white currants are great eaten fresh off the bush, in baking, used in jams and chutneys as well as dehydrated dried into fruit leathers.

Currants are great paired with Apples are great paired with Blackberries, Fall Raspberries, Rhubarb, Figs.

Find white currants from Nurseries like Tree Eater, Fruit Trees and More, and other local Vancouver island breeders in our best BC Nurseries directory

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