Where to buy Mushroom Spawn on Salt Spring Island

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Want to Grow Your Own Delicious Oyster Mushrooms?

I was speaking with a friend about the Zero Mile Diet, which is about trying to make a meal with everything local that you’ve grown yourself. He mentioned that he always gets stumped on the mushrooms, and he wants to learn how to grow delicious, edible mushrooms at home.

Do you want to grow Medicinal or Edible Mushrooms on Salt Spring Island? Look no further.

Jacob at SaltSpring Sprouts and Mushrooms

Jacob at Salt Spring Sprouts and Mushrooms

I recommend speaking with Jacob and Sarah, or Thomas Aulich of Salt Spring Sprouts and Mushrooms. Find them at the Tuesday and Saturday Markets on Salt Spring Island. I’ve also included their contact info below. I’ve found them to be incredibly knowledgeable, and helpful. They’ve been a great resource to learn about mushroom growing. I am a big fan of their amazing lions mane and Oyster mushrooms as well as their sprout wraps that they sell at the Tuesday and Saturday Markets.

They also sell bags of Mushroom Spawn to people interested in growing their own mushrooms. Start with Oyster Mushrooms as they are one of the easiest mushrooms to grow. Last time I checked, it was very affordable, with bags of mushroom spawn starting at about $25. To order Mushroom spawn call Salt Spring Sprouts and Mushrooms at 250 537 2220 or by email at sssprouts@gmail.com

Salt Spring Sprouts and Mushrooms

Phone: 250-537-2220
Email: sssprouts@gmail.com
Sarah and Jacob (owners)

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