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My Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplements

Lately I’ve had a few amazing discussions with friends about what we do to optimize our health and energy. I’ve struggled in the past with depression. I find that good food, good friends, exercise work best. However, sometimes I have extra stress or long work days and I need a bit extra to help heal. This is why I’ve been experimenting with supplementing with essential vitamins, minerals, and Herbs that improves cognitive function, memory, creativity, or motivation.

This is what is currently working for me. It may or may not work for you. Please be safe and practice portion control. You are loved.

Morning Ritual

Ginkgo Biloba

Green Tea Extra

Methyl B12

B12 Dibencozide

Large Water

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Lunch Ritual (Mid Day with Food)


Full Spectrum Trace Minerals


Co-Enzyme Q10

Vitamin E

Vitamin K2

Buy the mid day ritual set here. 


Night Ritual

Murcuna Dopa

Omega 3

Tea – Ginger Tumeric, or Trametes Versicolor


Where do I buy my vitamins and supplements?

I tend to purchase most of my vitamins from because they source high quality vendors and have the lowest prices. I try to order vitamins from the highest quality companies. I believe brands of vitamins are Doctors Best, Yarrow, and Solgar. I have included affiliate links in the article, so if you do order any vitamins using the links provided, I may receive a commission from iHerb. I’d love to discuss nutrition and supplements for optimal physical and mental health with you more. Leave your thoughts.

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I grow food, plant trees, maintain orchards, and design ecosystems that help families become healthier and happier.
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