Summerland Cherry and Plum Varieties

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The Summerland Research and Development Centre in BC has some of the best Cherry Varieties in the world. I heard about Summerland breeding facilities from Torrie  of Warner’s Farm. Torrie has an amazing orchard in Ontario. I was trying to get some of his favorite freestone plum varities from his orchard. He said he can ship budwood to BC but check out PICO / Summerland breeding facilities, as they should have the budwood.

Taking a look at their catalog, Summerland has access to budwood of a bunch of rare varieties of fruit including Vanette, the European Blue Plum. A worthy add to any Orchard or private food forest collection. Summerland has a history of breeding the best cultivars in the world of sweet cherries. In fact, over 80% of the world’s cherries originate from breeding efforts in Summerland. See Their Bud Wood Collection here.


This is a great resource for West Coast Farms and Orchard owners. I’m excited to start grafting Summerland’s varities onto rootstock for upcoming projects.  If you’re interested take a look at Summerland’s Varieties. We are excited about planting more orchards in the community. Would you like cherry and blue plums on your property? We can help you plant a home orchard.

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“The Orchard has never looked this good. This is a different level of care” – Harry Burton, Apple Luscious Organic Orchard (ALOO)



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