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Some times they call me an internet wizard. I don’t know why. Maybe, its not normal to live on a beautiful island working with a Screaming Frog.


Seriously, I wouldn’t be as powerful an internet Wizard without my Screaming Frog.

I use it for technical SEO Audits.
I recommend using it for large website redesigns for a variety of reasons.
The first is to easily map out the URLs for 301 redirects.
I also recommend using Screaming Frog to quickly and easily download all of the SEO data from a website;

This includes the page URL, Page Title, Meta Description, H1, H2, Number of Words on Page, and Inbound Links.

This tool helps me save time when creating the new sitemap and associated keyword documents.


I am a digital nomad, an internet wizard, and a super connector. I am proud to be a polymath personality pursuing passions from herbalism, mycology, and regenerative agriculture to 3d printing, mind control, and software engineering. Currently residing on the Gulf Islands of BC.
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