Hunt for the Giant Hawaiian Taro

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In Hawaii, there a native plant called the Taro, one of the original “canoe plants”, the ancient Polynesian settlers brought to Hawaii over 1700 years ago. It’s like a giant purple potato from out of Jurassic Park. We had found lots of the regular taro and the swamp taro on our hikes and foraging adventures. However, we had yet to find Alocasia Macrorhiza, the Giant Taro. On a hidden forest off the beaten path in Pololu valley, we finally found the fabled giant Taro.

Pololu Valley

The hike down into Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley Beach

Pololu Valley Black Sand Beach

Grandmother Tree

Grandmother Tree surrounded by coconuts and ancient Hawaiian stonework

Gold Dust Taro on the Gecko

Gold Dust Gecko on the Giant Taro

Giant Taro

Absorbing the Mana of the Giant Taro

#Do it for Nature

Nigel Kay
I grow food, plant trees, maintain orchards, and design ecosystems that help families become healthier and happier.
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