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I get asked often: How do I make my own logo for my website? Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a logo:


Questions to ask yourself when designing a logo

  • What type of logo do I like best? Do you prefer the Logotype with just text? An Icon Logo? Or a combo.
  • Find 3 of your favorite logos? What do I like best about them?
  • What Colors do I like? What is the primary color and secondary color. What are their color codes?
  • What Icons best represent my business? Can I find one for free, or do I need to purchase an Icon?

Things to remember when designing a logo

  • Is it Simple and are the words easy to read on not only laptops but also tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Does it grab attention and is it memorable
  • Does it have a Transparent background
  • Is it saved as a PNG file type.

Free Online Tools to create a great logo

Here is some fun online tools to play around with also. I use them to make logos when I don’t want to buy a logo from


Best Places to purchase a logo online These are the settings on how I do a search for a logo provider:

  • Search for “Logo”
  • Check boxes for Top Rated Seller and English Language
  • Sort by Avg. Customer Review
  • Select provider with 2K+ succesful design jobs
  • Purchase Fiverr Gig
  • Enter Details for designer (Link to 3 Favorite Logos and reason why you like them, Your Color Choice with color codes.)
  • Check Back in 3 Days
  • Request Revisions if necessary
  • Download as PNG

Here are a few logos I’ve designed to give you ideas:








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