Busy Week Landscaping on Salt Spring Island

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Landscaping on Salt Spring Island, Fall 2018

Pruning & Restoring Herb Gardens

I’ve had a few interesting pruning projects this week. One was pruning large, 15 year old Rosemary trees that were bending over and breaking from their weight. The Rosemary trees needed some care. Someone to prune them and release all that did not serve them in their highest form. So we pruned off the dead, dying and diseased wood. We also fertilized the Rosemary trees with compost that was on site.The Owners of the property did not want the Rosemary, so we dried it, put in jars, and we’ll be dropping of a bunch of organic rosemary to the food bank this week.


As Salt Spring Island Landscaping Contractors we get asked to do things like…

  • Transplant Lavenders into the herb garden.
  • Remove a stump that was damaging the foundation
  • Prune wild roses, and ocean spray to give Apple Trees space and light.
  • Fertilize and Mulch Roses, Almonds, Apples, Pears and other trees.
  • Prune a Apple Tree and a Hardy Almond Tree


Make Cedar Wood lots more Fire Safe

One of the largest dangers and items that can increase your insurance premiums is having a property that is a fire hazard. One recent contract is working to clear dead wood and brush to make the client’s property more fire safe. The property had large cedar trees close to the house with a build up of dead wood and dry branches under them. You could see burns on the trees from fires in the area in the past. We cleared all fo the dead wood from the Orchard which was a challenge due to the standing dead trees, slope, and akward terrain. With the wood we built two large HugelKultures for creating dought resistant, raised beds. These will make amazing spot for future Raspberries.


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Nigel Kay
I grow food, plant trees, maintain orchards, and design ecosystems that help families become healthier and happier.
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