Apples are the foundation fruit trees of the West Coast Orchard.
Many Heirloom Varities of Delicious Apples are available.

Rubiayat Red Flesh Apple

Rubiayat Red Flesh Apple

Some of my personal favorite apples are Red Flesh apples like the Red Rubiayat and Pink Sparkle. Other favorites rare heirloom apple varities include Golden Nugget, Williams Pride and cherry Cox. Ancient Varieties like Gravenstein and Grimes Golden.

Apples grafted on to 3/4 size and semi dwarf root stocks such as the Bud 118 are the best fit for the home orchard. These root stocks provide hardy, cold tolerant growth on trees that are a good size.. and self fertile.  Other great Apple Varieties Belle de boskoop, Cox Orange Pippin, Golden Russet.

Apples are great eaten fresh off the tree, in smoothies, pies and deserts, dehydrated into fruit leathers. Apples are great paired with Blackberries, Fall Raspberries, Rhubarb, Figs.

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