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Nigel Kay is a graduate of Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business. He is a member of Ottawa’s Lead to Win Ecosystem, a Carleton Entrepreneur and his software company Local Trades Search Canada Inc. was an Invest Ottawa Portfolio company. He has been a frequent public speaker and lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing inside and outside Carleton University which has earned him a number of important distinctions including a recent Entrepreneurship Award from the Canadian Jeux Du Commerce, Carleton Venture Challenge,the Wes Nicol Foundation and Ontario’s Centres of Excellence.

He pairs these accomplishments with practical experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and a consultant for local businesses in the areas of Google Adwords, SEO, and Google Maps marketing with a focus on the design and the implementation of profitable online marketing and direct response lead generation systems.

In his spare time, you will find Nigel climbing a mountain on the Gulf Islands and West Coast of British Columbia. An Avid reader, you will find him reading books on biographies, nutrition, fitness, psychology, marketing and business. If he isn’t running up a rain forest mountain, reading or building internet businesses you will most likely find him outside building organic permaculture Gardens or juicing organic veggies with the mastermind teams.

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